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Examples of Quadratic Equations Quiz Questions 94 Tests pdf Download

Learn quiz on examples of quadratic equations, college math quiz 94 to practice. Free math MCQs questions and answers to learn examples of quadratic equations MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on examples of quadratic equations, double angle identities, period of trigonometric functions, homogeneous linear equations, trigonometric function worksheets.

Free examples of quadratic equations worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as graph of quadratic function is, answer key with choices as circle, parabola, triangle and rectangle to test study skills. For eLearning, study online quadratic equations multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Examples of Quadratic Equations Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 94

Examples of Quadratic Equations Quiz

MCQ. Graph of quadratic function is

  1. circle
  2. parabola
  3. triangle
  4. rectangle


Double Angle Identities Quiz

MCQ. Sin2α =

  1. 1+ tan²α/1 - tan²α
  2. 2tanα/1 - tan²α
  3. 2tanα/1+ tan²α
  4. None of Above


Period of Trigonometric Functions Quiz

MCQ. Period of 15sec(x/3) is

  1. π


Homogeneous Linear Equations Quiz

MCQ. If |A| ≠ 0, then A is

  1. zero matrix
  2. singular matrix
  3. non - singular matrix
  4. diagonal matrix


Trigonometric Function Quiz

MCQ. If ƒ(x) = sin(x) is

  1. trigonometric function
  2. logarithmic function
  3. exponential function
  4. algebric function